Maintaining an automatic garage system is essential to ensure it functions correctly. One of the critical components of this system is the roller, which guides the doors up and down. Over time, these wheels can deteriorate, resulting in excessive noise, difficulty operating, or even complete failure. Neglecting to address worn-out rollers can cause the entire system to malfunction, which may necessitate replacing the entire automatic garage system, a costly and time-consuming process. As the top provider of garage door roller replacement in Arlington Heights, IL, our expert technicians can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a quote from our skilled technicians or to book your emergency same-day service.


The rollers play a crucial role in allowing your garage door to smoothly lift and release during both opening and closing. If you suspect that there may be an issue with your rollers, there are a few signs to look out for, such as unusual or louder noises during operation, jerking or sticking of the door, and other related problems. To avoid further damage and potential property damage, it is important to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. We offer a variety of roller types to fit your budget and needs and aim to provide you with the best quality possible.

There are various reasons why rollers may malfunction. Loose or dented tracks, poor installation, and damaged parts can all cause problems. Additionally, poor lubrication can cause rollers to wear prematurely, operate noisily, and reduce their overall lifespan. Our experienced and licensed technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and replace your old parts with high-quality materials to ensure your garage door operates smoothly.

Depending on the recommended solution for your specific issue, you may need to consider upgrading to a higher quality roller model to prevent future problems. Our technicians are available to advise you on the best products to suit your requirements and budget. Call us for a cost estimate.

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Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are three types of garage door rollers: plastic, steel, and nylon, each with its own unique advantages. We take into account your specific needs and setup when recommending the best option for your roller replacement. Upgrading your rollers can help to reduce noise and improve overall performance. To assist in your decision-making process, we have provided a comparison of the three types, taking into account factors such as price, durability, size, weight capacity, the noise level during operation, and best applications based on these factors.

Plastic Rollers

Plastic rollers are characterized by plastic wheels and are the least expensive option. However, their lower cost is offset by their shorter lifespan as plastic does not last as long as other materials. Additionally, plastic rollers have a lower weight capacity and are best suited for single-panel garage designs to avoid placing too much strain on the rollers.

Steel Rollers

Steel rollers have steel wheels and are known for their reliability and durability. They can support more weight than plastic rollers and can be used for a wide range of garage doors. However, steel wheels can produce a lot of noise during operation, which may be a concern for some homeowners. If noise is an issue, replacing the steel rollers with nylon or plastic options may be a better choice.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon rollers are the newest type on the market and offer the best benefits. While they may be more expensive than other options, they are a smart long-term investment due to their durability and performance. Nylon wheels can support large weights similar to steel rollers while being lightweight like plastic rollers. They offer the smoothest movement along the tracks and are the quietest of all the options available, reducing noise by up to 75% compared to standard steel wheels. Our team of experts highly recommends nylon rollers for their superior performance and longevity.
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