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Having an off-track garage door is a serious and dangerous matter, as your door is hung only by your garage door cables and can fall at any moment in time. When you face an off-track garage door issue, reach out to a professional immediately. You can contact us 7 days a week and receive same-day service from one of our expert technicians, with no extra charge on the weekends. We will make sure to fix your garage door roller system, and lubricate them in order to keep the rollers moving smoothly again.

What is a Garage Door Off Track?

A garage door off track is a garage door that has become dislodged from its tracks. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as a build-up of debris on the tracks, an issue with the springs or rollers, or simply wear and tear over time. Regardless of the cause, an off track garage door can be a serious safety hazard, as it may fall suddenly and cause injury or damage.

If you have a garage door off track, it is important to call a professional for repairs as soon as possible. Attempting to fix the issue yourself can be dangerous, and may make the problem worse.

If you have noticed that your garage door is uneven or not opening and closing properly, you need to contact King Garage Door Repair straight away. Our qualified technicians fix not only your garage door but also the underlying cause of the problem.

There are multiple reasons why a garage door would fall off-track. Some of the reasons include hitting the garage door with a car, damaged garage door rollers, or broken springs.

Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers do get worn down over time and need to be replaced. Old and damaged rollers can cause the door to come off-track and damage different parts of the garage door systems.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs wear out over time. If there are two springs and one of them breaks, it can cause the garage door to go off its track on one side and make the garage door look lopsided. If both garage door springs break at the same time, the door could completely come off its tracks.

Dirt And Lack of Lubrication

Too much buildup and not enough lubrication can cause rollers to go off-track.

Force and Impacts

If you strike your garage door with your vehicle, the rollers may get off-track.

Poor Track Installation

If a garage door is not installed correctly, it can come off its tracks. This happens when the door isn’t aligned properly during installation and over time, vibrations cause brackets to loosen which could lead to total collapse. By inspecting tracks regularly, you can prevent any issues from getting worse.

Broken Tension Cables

Garage doors are supported by cables on both sides. When the garage door is opened and closed, the weight is supported by these wires. If one of the cables breaks, the garage door cannot be kept up by a single cable, causing one side to touch the ground while the other appears slightly open.

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Our experts are ready to get your garage door back on track today.

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How We Fix a Garage Door Off Track

Once you identify the source of your problem, you can contact us to repair your off-track garage door. For example, if the garage door rollers fell off due to an issue with your tracks, we will set the rollers back into place after addressing the tracks. If there is an issue with your garage door track that is causing the rollers to be off, simply give us a call and we will help you. A skilled garage door repair expert from our team will tighten and secure all of your hardware, as well as clean your tracks with a household cleaner and lubricate all of your metal hardware. They’ll go through these steps to fix off-track garage door rollers:

  • Disconnect the power: To operate the door manually, we will pull the rope that dangles from the motor.
  • Align the door: Align the rollers so they are in line with where they derailed, then secure the door shut using vise grips.
  • Open the track: In order to make room for the roller, use a pair of pliers and carefully open the track. After that is done, guide the roller into place.
  • Close the track: To avoid the rollers from coming off again, use a rubber or wooden hammer to hammer the track back into shape.
  • Check the door: Before reconnecting your automatic garage door opener, we will open and shut the door a few times to ensure that everything is in working order.

There are a few easy ways to keep your garage door rollers on track after a professional has fixed them, so they don’t go off-track again in the future.

  • Regularly assess the rollers and track: Checking on your rollers and tracks every once in a while helps ensure optimal function. Make sure that the rollers are correctly positioned and that there is no build-up obstructing the path.
  • Apply lubricant: You may also grease the rollers on the track to ensure that they run smoothly.

The best way to keep your garage door in top condition is by ensuring it receives routine maintenance from professionals like us. We are trained to identify and solve problems, both big and small. Feel free to schedule a regular inspection of your garage door by one of our professionals and keep your garage door system operating smoothly and in the correct shape.

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