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Getting a new automatic garage door installation isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, especially when you work with us. Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with quality service and total control over the entire process. Once our team comes out to take measurements, the tech can show you different samples of designs that you might want to choose from and provide you with advice throughout the entire installation process. Our professional installations come with new tracks, a new spring system, cables, rollers, and of course the free removal of the old doors. We are also suppliers of new motors if you need one.

Design Styles

The design style of your garage is often just as important as the functionality of it, as it is a massive part of your home, both on the interior and the exterior. That is why you should make sure that it matches up with the look and feel of the rest of the house whether you would like to get a single or double-door design.

Our technicians will assist you during the whole process of installing and choosing your new design and motor, in case you would like to get one. You can check the different types of motors we offer on our site.


The carriage-style designs are often popular among homeowners for their ability to complement a range of house styles. The design is reminiscent of the looks and styles of old carriage houses that stored horse-drawn carriages and gives many contemporary homes a touch of charm as well. In the past, these types of doors swung open in the middle by hand; however, there are now new models that fold open with automatic motors while still appearing traditionally elegant.


Top brands provide traditional designs in various styles that would look great with any major architectural style (Cape, Colonial, Victorian, Ranch, Craftsman) from America or Europe (French Country, Spanish Mediterranean, Tudor). The majority of the pieces may be special-ordered in a number of materials and colors to match your home's style, whether it's Tudor Northern European, Mediterranean Southern, or American prairie. The greatest feature of this design is its utilization of the current standard roll-up mechanism, which requires horizontal hinged panels to bend at the seams as they travel on overhead tracks.


With today's modern designs, matching house styles with contemporary designs is ever more essential than before. A contemporary house design with clean lines and high-tech materials should have a similar type of design. One popular alternative is to use a design with tempered glass panels (clear, frosted, or tinted) enclosed in painted aluminum frames. Slab doors, which have been popular again in some retro-modern house projects, feature a design that folds up as one single panel rather than three or four separate horizontal panels that bend at hinges as it opens. These require specialized automatic motors.

Top Materials

The most important aspect of the overall cost of installation is the material your design is composed of because certain materials are obviously more expensive than others. Each material has advantages and disadvantages; we will make sure to help you pick one that suits your particular needs. Here are six of the most frequent materials, as well as a quick rundown of each one’s benefits.

  • Metal: In wetter climates, steel designs are very popular and long-lasting, but they can rust. Aluminum is more expensive but does not rust, is lighter, and better insulated. Metal, on the other hand, may be dented.
  • Fiberglass and Vinyl: These low-maintenance options are able to give the appearance of wood while being more long-lasting. However, they can become damaged in extreme temperatures and are not as easily customizable.
  • Composite: A composite material is a low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative to wooden ones. They insulate effectively and do not wear down easily.
  • Glass: A beautiful glass design may be made from tempered glass on an aluminum or wooden frame. They are, however, quite hefty and lack insulation. The fee of a composite design will be comparable to, or somewhat more expensive than, a steel design.
  • Wood: Solid and elegant, solid hardwood designs nevertheless need upkeep on a regular basis to keep looking nice. Their outward appearance is determined by the type of wood utilized.

Replacement vs. Repairs


Replacements, similar to new garage door installations, are typically around the same price. Reusing older hardware, such as rails or openers, may save you money; however, this is not always an option. Because of safety or liability concerns, some brands only work with specific rails, and a professional may decide to replace the entire system rather than just the parts.


You can save over half the fee of a replacement by repairing your garage door, depending on what needs to be fixed. The price tag for repair will depend upon which element is damaged.

The Brands We Work With

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Our team offers a professional insulation service, which consists of adding a layer of foam, such as polystyrene or polyurethane. This additional measure helps to prevent heat transferred into and out of your garage.

By having an insulated garage, you can save on your energy bill each month. Your space will remain comfortable no matter what the season is outside. You won’t have to keep your heating or cooling system on for extended periods of time, saving you money every month. However, you won’t experience this insulation and energy efficiency if your garage is uninsulated. Your garage’s indoor temperature will adjust to match the outside temperature without any shelter. Before settling on a new design, research what R-value best suits your needs.

The R-value is a measurement of how well your garage door can insulate, or slow the transfer of heat. A higher R-value is better because it means your design is more energy efficient. For maximum insulation, you should get a design with an R-value between 12 and 16.

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All of the work we do is backed up by an industry-leading warranty, making us the leading garage door installation company in Schaumburg, IL., and its surrounding areas. We only work with reputable brands, meaning if anything goes wrong with your installation, the damage is already covered under the brand warranty. Our service is the complete package, we remove the old garage doors completely free of charge, and we make it a point to leave your space clean and tidy before we head off. We pride ourselves on our reputation, which is why you are informed of the garage door installation cost upfront. We break everything down for you from the very start so that you know what you’re paying for.
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