Broken Cables

The garage door cables and spring work together. Both are responsible to lift the garage door panels by pulling them up and by counterbalancing their weight. When the garage door cable snaps or gets tangled, the door can no longer be used without serious risk. Having any issues is an emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately. Our professional technicians work 7 days a week to ensure you will receive same-day service.

We know that a broken cable can cause lots of problems with your motor and other parts. These break due to many reasons and it’s a very easy repair, but if you are inexperienced in this field, it can be very dangerous since they are held under a lot of tension. Trust our professional service and let us replace your parts and ensure your automatic garage door works smoothly and safely again.

Cable Problems

The cables on the garage door play an important role in its operation. The cables lift the heavy door as it opens, and they also help to maintain a balanced weight distribution. There are usually two coiled cables on each side of the door, running from the bottom roller brackets up to the drums at the top. Whenever these have been broken, you should contact a specialist service like ours immediately. We can replace your faulty parts to ensure that your system operates properly and that it can be used safely.

What Happens If a Cable Breaks?

If you have a broken cable, the door will no longer be able to open or close. This is why it’s important to check these periodically for wear and tear and to have them replaced if necessary. When it comes to broken torsion and extension springs, again the system won’t be able to close properly either. If a spring breaks or cable snaps, make sure to contact a garage specialist for immediate part replacement. If any of these parts stops working properly, it is essential to get them replaced for your own safety and convenience.

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Most Common Issues

There are several reasons why your system has issues. First and foremost, old cables. Over time, rust starts to build on the metal cables, which causes them to break. You can also get jammed cables when the wire comes off the pulley. In that case, it requires the unwound cables to be pulled out and properly put back in place.

Identifying broken cables is easy: commonly, the doors may start to shake during operation, resulting from a misalignment of the door. The lift system may also make loud noises when the garage door opens and closes, due to the motor exerting more energy than necessary.

Keep in mind cable replacement requires extensive knowledge, professional experience, and the right tools for the job. Our team of certified technicians has you covered. If your automatic garage system has any mechanical issues, give us a call for a garage cable replacement and we will deal with the issue before it can cause any additional damage like serious injuries, a broken motor, etc. Avoid expensive repairs and have damaged parts fixed by a trained professional at King Garage Door Repair.

Frayed Cables

Due to the tension the lift cables need to handle on a daily basis, wear and tear problems are inevitable. If your cables look similar to the ones in this picture you should reach a professional as soon as possible, because this type of replacement is way simpler and cost-effective than replacing snapped cables.

Rusted Cables

Over time, rust starts to build on the metal cables as a result of moisture build up, which causes them to break. If you notice the brownish appearance of rust, please give us a call as soon as possible, and we will promptly replace them with new ones.

Jammed Cables

A jammed cable is less common but it does happen. If you notice the door having a hard time opening, check out your doors and check if the garage door cable came off. This issue may look simple to fix, but it can be very dangerous. We recommend you contact a professional to take care of it.

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Types of Cables and Their Purpose

Each garage door uses different types of garage door cables, depending on the type of garage door system. Most designs come with the following types:

Lift Cables

A lift cable is what opens the garage door for you. These cables connect the spring system to the garage door. Broken lift cables are easy to spot since it causes the garage door to move out of place. We can replace these types of cables with brand new ones if they snapped, or service the one you have if they just got tangled.

Retaining Cables

If you have an extension spring system, you must have retaining cables for your own safety. These work as a safety mechanism that prevents the extension springs from scattering if they break.

Emergency Release Cable

This garage door cable allows homeowners to manually control the garage door without relying on the garage door spring mechanism.

Safety Cable

An extension garage door spring is made up of an extension spring, a safety or retaining cable, and a locking mechanism. This component acts as a backup by ensuring that the garage door spring does not slide down when the main cable breaks.

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