How to release and reset the emergency pull cord

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No matter the season, power outages occur anytime, especially at the most unexpected times. We all know that experiencing a power outage is inconvenient. Especially when we own a garage door, we cannot use it during these times. Thus, it’s impossible to get out of your garage during a power outage.

For this reason, accessing your garage door manually is the best option to take. It is used during power outages; a garage door remote not working or a garage door is not closing.

So, how do you use a garage door pull cord? This article will teach you how, including re-engaging it when the power comes back.

emergency release pull down

what is a garage door emergency pull cord?

The cord is seen in automatic garage doors to use during emergencies. Automatic ones come with a garage door emergency release kit which includes a release cord and a lock. The garage door emergency release lock is located beside the garage door, while the cord hangs near the trolley, beside the overhead garage door opener.

As soon as you pull the cord down, the trolley disconnects from the assembly prompting the garage door to slide up and down easily. Hence, you can manually operate the garage door in this manner. However, you need to reset the cord after the power comes back or when everything is okay with your garage door.

1. pull down the release cord

As mentioned, the release cord can be seen at the ceiling beside the trolley. When you pull it down, make sure to do it towards the garage door and away from the garage door opener. The trolley disengages from the assembly to release the garage door when you do this. Then, it will be easy for the garage door to move up and down. 

2. test the operation

After you release the emergency cord, test the garage door’s operation. As soon as you notice it moves up and down, everything is good. Make sure to do it a couple of times to test thoroughly. In addition, before you try to reset the cord once the power comes back, make sure to close the garage door again.

how to reconnect a garage door pull cord?

There are two ways to reconnect the garage door to the opener. One is with an automatic trolley, and the other, without it. 

• Reengaging with an Automatic Trolley

If you own an automatic garage door, it usually comes with an automatic trolley. If you have one, it’s easy to reengage the garage door opener. Make sure that you do this when the power comes back. 

1. close the door

Ensure that the garage door is shut to make the process easier and faster. 

2. switch the opener on

When you previously unplugged the opener, reconnect the wires back to the power supply to switch it on. 

3. reach for the remote

There are two buttons in a remote: one is to open, and the other is to close. Click the close button to reengage the opener on its own. Doing this will connect the trolley back to the carriage assembly. 

4. test the garage door once again

Once the trolley is reconnected, and the opener is on, use the remote to operate the garage door. This is to make sure that the garage door is running smoothly. 

• reengaging without an automatic trolley

If you fail to reconnect the opener with an automatic trolley, this will be your best option. In this case, you need to connect the garage door arm back to the trolley manually. The advantage of this method is you can do it even before the power comes back. 

1. close the door

Again, make sure to close the garage door. 

2. pull the cord down

Then, reach for the emergency release cord. Once you pull it down, you will hear a clicking sound. You will also see the trolley comes back in place. 

3. connect the garage door

Connect the garage door arm with the trolley by lifting the garage door to two feet until you hear a click sound. 

4. connect back the power source

Finally, switch on the opener by connecting it back to the power source or when the power comes back. Use the remote to operate the opener, and see whether the garage door moves. Then, close the garage door again. 


It takes simple steps to manually open garage doors. Although, make sure that the garage door is in good condition when you perform this task. Otherwise, you need to check the condition of the door with professionals when there are operating problems. In this way, they will address the issue accordingly.

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