The 9 Dangers of a Broken Torsion Spring

Why is a broken torsion spring so dangerous? Many garage doors require torsion springs to provide the required tension and support to lift and close the heavy panels. However, these springs are subject to ongoing tension and wear and tear, thus they may get worn or damaged over time.

A broken torsion spring can have major repercussions, not just for your garage door but also for your safety. In this blog article, we will discuss the top nine hazards associated with a damaged torsion spring and why it’s imperative to have it serviced or replaced immediately.

1 – Accidents leading to Injuries

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A broken torsion spring can cause the garage door to fall abruptly and unexpectedly, placing you and your family in danger of injury. When the torsion spring breaks, it might release a great deal of energy, which can cause the door to collapse or close quickly. This can lead to significant injury, especially if someone is in the door’s path. In certain instances, a damaged torsion spring can force a door to collapse on a person, resulting in serious injury or death. Additionally, a broken torsion spring can cause sharp metal fragments to fly through the air, placing everyone around in risk of injury.

2 – Damage to Property

If the garage door were to fall, it might cause damage to your vehicle, garage, and home. Even if it falls only a few inches, garage doors are heavy enough to do substantial damage. If the door falls on your car, it can damage the top, hood, and sides, making it impossible to drive or perhaps requiring significant repairs. In addition, a collapsing garage door can cause damage to the structure’s walls, roof, and foundation. This can be costly to fix and can impact your home’s value and security.

3 – Security Risk

A broken torsion spring might render your garage door vulnerable to burglary and other security issues. An improperly closing garage door can leave your house vulnerable to robbers or criminals, making it simple for them to gain entry to your property. This might put your family and property at risk and lead to substantial damages and insurance claims. Moreover, an open garage door provides easy access to your garage, which may hold expensive items such as tools, equipment, or bicycles.

4 – Opening and Closing Difficulties

If the torsion spring is damaged, the garage door may not open or close properly, making it difficult to enter the property or park a vehicle. A garage door that refuses to open or close can be quite inconvenient and prevent you from using the garage as intended. Additionally, an inoperable garage door might make it impossible to access your property, especially in an emergency.

broken torsion spring

5 – Increase in Energy Bills

A faulty torsion spring can throw off the balance of your garage door, making it difficult to close entirely. This can result in higher energy costs and energy loss, as warm or cool air escapes from the home. An incorrectly closing garage door can let drafts into your house, making it more difficult to adjust the temperature and raising your heating and cooling costs.

6 – Unreliable Operations

A faulty torsion spring can cause the garage door to open and close unevenly, making it difficult to use and unreliable to operate. A garage door that operates erratically can be annoying and can cause more wear and tear to other components, leading to further damage and repairs. Additionally, an unreliable garage door might constitute a safety issue, since it may close abruptly and inflict harm.

7 – Reduced Longevity

A damaged torsion spring can shorten the lifespan of your garage door because it places additional strain on the other components and accelerates their wear. A garage door that works with a damaged torsion spring can create more wear and strain on other components, such as the tracks, rollers, and opener, resulting in decreased efficiency and performance, as well as the need for more frequent repairs and replacements.

8 – Costly Repairs and Maintenance Difficulties

Ignoring a broken torsion spring might result in future repairs that are more complex and costly, as well as decreased efficiency and performance. A damaged torsion spring can accelerate the deterioration of other components and lead to more extensive damage and maintenance, hence raising the total cost. Additionally, a broken torsion spring can make garage door maintenance more difficult, necessitating extra repairs and replacements over time.

9 – Decreased Value

A broken torsion spring can also reduce the value of your house since it impacts the aesthetics and functionality of your garage door. A garage door with a damaged torsion spring can be unattractive and detract from the visual appeal of your property, making it less appealing to prospective buyers. In addition, a damaged torsion spring can impact your garage door’s performance and efficiency, diminishing its total worth and making it less appealing to potential purchasers.

A damaged torsion spring may have severe effects on your house, family, and finances. It is crucial to treat a broken torsion spring immediately to prevent more damage, guarantee the safety and operation of your garage door, and safeguard your property. To avoid potential risks or costly repairs in the future, it is preferable to call a professional like King Garage Door Repair if you believe that your torsion spring is damaged and have us diagnose and correct the problem.


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