King Garage Door Rollers Replacement, Schaumburg, IL

Garage door rollers facilitate the upward and downward movement of a garage door. They are made up of a wheel and a metal rod, which are attached to the garage door’s frame. These rollers are found along the metal tracks that run along either side of the garage door. For your garage door to open and close smoothly, the rollers must work well. At King Garage Door Repair, we provide garage door rollers replacement services if your rollers start to malfunction. You might even be considering switching to an alternative roller type, so let us assist you with professional garage door roller replacement. Find out more about the most common roller issues, the types of rollers, and how we can help.

garage door roller repair

Garage Door Roller Issues

Whether you are opening or closing your garage door, the garage door rollers allow the lifting and gradual releasing of the door as required. There are several ways in which you can see that you need to replace your garage door rollers. We provide all types of rollers in our garage door rollers replacement.

You know there might be a problem with your rollers if you start hearing louder or unfamiliar noise when your garage door is going up or down. Other things you may witness include the garage door jerking and getting stuck. If you notice any of these issues, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. You don’t want to risk any damage to your car or have your garage door stop working altogether. Our experienced and licensed technicians can get to the bottom of the issue very quickly.

There are a few possible reasons why your rollers may start to misbehave. It could be the tracks themselves that are now loose or dented, preventing the rollers from functioning as normal. As the garage door moves up or down, the roller can get off track or stay stuck in the tracks. Roller issues often crop up when your rollers are damaged or were not properly installed in the first place. Sometimes, we find that the rollers and the garage door lift system are not working well because the rollers are not well-lubricated. Lubrication is crucial to keep the rollers working well and to extend their useful life for years.

Depending on your issue and our recommended solution, you may have to consider replacing garage door rollers with another roller type. Perhaps it’s time to try the best garage door rollers (nylon). 

Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are three types of garage door rollers – plastic, steel, and nylon, and they all have their own advantages. When considering roller replacement, we recommend the best option for our customers, specific to their setup and needs. Here is a comparison of the three roller types, looking at the price, durability, weight that can be supported, the noise made during the operation, and the best applications based on these factors.

Plastic Garage Door Rollers

Plastic Rollers

Plastic garage door rollers have plastic wheels. The main advantage of this type is that it is the least expensive. However, that does come at a price because plastic rollers don't last as long. They are likely to need replacement more often. They also have a lower limit on how much weight they can support. We recommend that you only use them when you have a single-panel garage door in your home because larger doors can put tremendous strain otherwise.

Garage Door Steel Rollers

Steel Rollers

Steel garage door rollers have steel wheels instead. These are reliable and durable because they can support more weight than the plastic option, they can be used for a wide range of garage doors. It is worth noting that steel rollers make a lot of noise when they operate.

Nylon garage door roller

Nylon Rollers

Nylon garage door rollers are the newest type of garage door rollers on the market. We highly recommend them because they offer most of the benefits. While they might cost more than the other options, they are a good long-term investment. Nylon rollers can support large weights similarly to steel rollers. They are also lightweight, like the plastic option. Their movement along the garage door tracks is particularly smooth and the quietest of all the possibilities.

Our team of professionals can quickly diagnose the exact problem. If you need roller replacement or other garage door repairs, we are ready to assist. Call us today to receive same-day service from one of our expert technicians.