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Garage Door Opener Repair Services Schaumburg IL

At King garage door repair we install and repair almost any garage door opener in the market. Garage door openers do not require a lot of maintenance and usually operate for several years. In most cases we will be able to repair the opener, in other cases we will recommend to have the opener replaced.


The most common garage door opener problem is usually a misaligned sensor or an object obstructing the sensor. This is very easy to fix yourself, before calling us, make sure that both the lights on the sensors are on and that there is nothing in the way. If this is not the case, it is recommended not to operate the garage opener because further damage my occur.

If your garage door opener requires replacement, we will install a professional Liftmaster garage door opener which is a professional opener by Chamberlain.


If your garage door opener is causing issues, don’t neglect it because a small problem can turn into a big one. Give us a call 7 days a week for professional and fast service!


Garage Door Opener Repairs on Most Makes and Models

Our highly skilled and trained garage door technicians service a wide range of broken garage door openers.

Next time you encounter a broken garage door opener, call us at King Garage Door Repair in Schaumburg IL. Our knowledgeable garage door experts will thoroughly examine the problem, eliminate the cause, and have your garage door opener working once again quickly and efficiently.


New Garage Door Installation and Replacement

Looking to replace your garage door? We at King Garage Door carry a wide variety of garage doors that will best suit your home. Each garage door has different characteristics which allows for complete customization.

Replacing your garage door with an insulated one will add protection and decrease your energy bill during winter. These garage doors are extremely rugged and don’t bend and warp.


If you are looking to have a new garage door installed at a new property, we will build the entire garage door system for you!


Installing a garage door with King Garage Door is an easy process. Our technicians will present you with different garage door samples for you to choose from, after choosing the type and color we will have your new garage door installed the same or next day! Our garage doors are high quality, durable and affordable. Replacing your old garage door with a new one will give your home a new look and with our insulated garage doors reduce your electricity bill!


**For those who only need to replace a section or two, we also offer panel replacements.


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